Grade 9 Math

Grade 9 (All topics)

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Number System
   Rational and Irrational Numbers
   Real Numbers
   Identify Polynomial Expressions
   Identify the Degree of a Polynomial
   Identify Coefficients in a Polynomial
   Evaluate Polynomials
   Zeros of a Polynomial
   Square of Binomials
   Cube of Binomials and Cubic Polynomials
   Remainder Theorem
   Factor Theorem
   Factorization of Polynomials
   Polynomials in Equations
   Evaluate Polynomials Using Algebraic Identities
   Introduction to Euclid's Geometry
   Angles and Lines
   Quadrilaterals and Parallelograms
Coordinate Geometry
   Understand the Terms Related to Coordinate Geometry
   Identify the Coordinates of a Point on the Cartesian Plane
   Identify the Coordinates of the Points on the X-axis, Y-axis, and the Origin
   Identify the Quadrant of a Point
   Draw the Graphs of Linear Equations
   Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Related to the Cartesian Plane
Linear Equations in Two Variables
   Verify a Solution to a Linear Equation in Two Variables
   Find the Unknown Variable When the Equation of the Line and Several Conditions are Given
   Draw Graph of Linear Equations and Find the Unknown Variable
   Draw Graph of Some Special Type of Linear Equations
   Word Problems
   Measurement of Areas
   Volume and Surface Area
Statistics and Probability
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